Panel Beaters & Smash Repairs in Niddrie by Avondale Body Works

Professional Panel Beaters and Smash Repairs who can deliver quality work are not easy to find. But at Avondale Body Works we have the best team of panel beaters and smash repairers that you can bank on in Niddrie. A huge amount of work goes into repairing a car post an accident. Panel beaters and Smash Repairers need to be able to handle a wide range of tasks in order to properly restore a car to its actual form.

Car Spray Painting in Niddrie by Avondale Body Works

Avondale Body Works follows a unique procedure for it car spray painting tasks. We make sure that the panels are smoothed out. We ensure that there is no foreign object or particles on the area that is to be painted. Our car spray painters take extra precaution to ensure that there is never an unnecessary spill on your car’s body. With all these protocols in place we guarantee you that any paint work from our workshop is going to make your car stand out.

Paintless Dent Removal in Niddrie by Avondale Body Works

Given that hail storms are common in Melbourne; many cars in the city get dented. At Avondale Body Works we have a special Paintless Dent Removal method that is more commonly known as PDR. Using the PDR method our experts not only remove these dents but also keep the car’s paint intact. This repair method is accepted by many insurance companies and this helps you to maintain your car’s real value.

‘Not My Fault’ Car Accident Repairs in Niddrie by Avondale Body Works

Given the heavy traffic and the rush on our roads today it has become very easy to get involved in an accident. Most of the time the reason for the accident is the other driver and if that is the case then Avondale Body Works can help you out with the ‘Not My Fault’ Car Accident claims. We also help our customers recover the ‘Not My Fault’ Car Accident Repairs cost so that all your car repair expenses are covered.

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Our team of specialists at Avondale Body Works also provides other services like free on-site and off-site quotes, vehicle pickup and delivery, discounted insurance excess and free insurance advice in Niddire. For an expert panel beater, car spray painting service or a PDR specialist in Niddrie call us at (03) 9317 7902 or email us at You can also walk in to our workshop at Avondale Heights with your car for immediate repair works



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