Paintless Dent Removal in Melbourne

Paintless Dent Removal or (PDR) is a method that is used to fix creases, dents and hail damage on your vehicle’s body without damaging the factory finish.

The PDR process is not a simple one but technicians at Avondale Body Works have perfected this craft and not many dent removal companies in Melbourne can make that claim.

What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a repair process where highly skilled technicians manipulate the metal in order to reshape and bring it back to its original finish. All this is done while maintaining your vehicles original paintwork.

At Avondale Body Works the dents are skillfully removed using specialised tools to get to the rear of the panel and gently manipulate the metal back to its original state. The dents are repaired using specially formulated glues on the exterior panel allowing the dent to be pulled out with dent lifting devices.

A hail storm usually causes multiple small dents over the surface of a car’s metal panel. This type of damage can be easily repaired by using Paintless Dent Removal process as the car body paint is usually left intact due to the nature of the impact.

Using PDR also helps you to avoid using more expensive and time consuming panel-beating and re-spray methods which are offered as solutions for dents by most body shops. The PDR process we use repairs your vehicle fast and the repair work is undetectable.

Why Choose Avondale Body Works for PDR?

The PDR process demands a skill that is earned through years of experience.  A skilled PDR Technician uses special tools, which includes rods, metal picks, and pulling systems to reshape the dent back to its original state.

Here are the reasons why a PDR job at Avondale Body Works will always be a success:

  • We have professional and skilled technicians that use the latest industry standard technology
  • All the work that we do on dent repairs is approved and accepted by most insurance companies
  • We do not employ panel beating or spray painting thus maintaining the original look of your car
  • We use environmentally friendly technique for dent removal
  • Our process retains the original factory paint finish which helps you to maintain the true value of your car
  • Our friendly and professional staff ensure a flawless and affordable finish to the dent repairs
  • Our affordable services are available all across Melbourne

So are looking for team of highly skilled professionals repair your car in Melbourne then comeon over to our workshop or you can email us at or talk to us at 03 9317 7902.



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